The Advent of Rain

It rained a lot on Friday all over the United Arab Emirates. Saturday was cloudy. On Sunday it rained even more than on Friday.

Classes are canceled today, due to the rain. You read that correctly: due to the rain.

In a land that does not get much rain, two days of rain causes some trouble. The streets are not designed to drain water. The wadis flood with a torrent of rain water coming down from the mountians. It’s the equivalent, I guess, of South Carolina getting a few inches of snow: they’re never fully prepared.

I spent sometime yesterday pushing water off the front porch, making sure it didn’t creep into the house.

Also, it really is beautiful when it is a rarity. It invokes an almost gitty reaction like snow does to me in the States. And, of course, to a desert, rain is life-giving.

I guess that makes sense during Advent. A time where we are meant to be gitty at the anticipation of something coming that is beautiful, rare and life-giving.

The problem is, I am never fully prepared.

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4 Comments on “The Advent of Rain”

  1. Heather Says:

    Great thoughts Erik. Which of us is ever fully prepared?

  2. Mom Says:

    Did the kids go out and play in the rain like we do when it snows?

    • boehadden Says:

      I don’t think so…I didn’t hear them playing out in the street. All the houses here have walls…so I can’t see the street from inside my house…but I can hear the neighborhood kids when they’re outside playing in the street and I didn’t hear anything when it was raining…

      Arabs and Indians HATE for their children to feel cold (that old “being cold will make you get a cold” myth)…I doubt any of the mothers would have let them go out and play in the rain… even though it was 70 degrees out. It was probably in the 60s this morning and a few students are wearing sweaters…

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