The Games We Play

Last week the Student Council at the college where I work organized an Al Carrom tournament.

Maybe your response was the same as mine: “A ‘what’ tournament?”

Al Carrom is a board game that is considered part of the tradition and culture here in the United Arab Emirates. It is also very popular in India and may have come here from there.

Children here, both boys and girls, grow up playing Carrom. Their fathers, mothers and grandparents teach them and play also.

The game is very simple, but a lot of fun (see the link above to learn how to play). It just so happened that last week also found my wife and I unpacking our board games from among the stuff we had shipped from the U.S. It reminded me of the hours of entertainment we have that is not television– we could be playing games that are fun, some stretch the brain and all of them require family interaction. TV definitely losses out in the comparison.

I wonder how it would affect our families if we took some of the money we spend on cable and invested in playing games at home.

Now my wife and I have a new game to add to our list: Al Carrom. The students taught me how to play last week and I had a blast.

I realized: I don’t play enough games in life.

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2 Comments on “The Games We Play”

  1. Gary Says:

    CARROM sounds very similar to CROKINOLE, a game I played as a boy in Canada.

  2. boehadden Says:

    Gary, My Canadian colleagues said the same thing!

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