Hazy with Low Visibility

The weather in Dubai has been strange the last few days. It is very hazy. It isn’t exactly a sandstorm, but it isn’t fog or clouds either. Visibility is low. Sometimes it feels like it’s overcast, a rainstorm about to come in with the brightness of the sun hampered a bit.

It’s dust.

The winds aren’t so strong as to kick up a lot of sand. But they are strong enough to cover the city and a tannish-light brown haze. Dust is just “kicked-up” and hasn’t settled yet. We brought the clothes rack inside to dry the clothes. The front stoop, usually dusty and sandy every few days, needs to be swept twice a day.

The weather is exactly how I feel– “kicked-up” and not yet settled. We quit our jobs in the middle of March and moved to Dubai. Since then we have been living with family and awaiting the start of my new job and our life in Fujairah (about 1 1/2 hours from where we live now). During this time my sister-in-law’s family moved across the street and my parents-in-law moved in to this villa. Constant change. Even back home my parents are in the midst of selling my childhood home and moving to Pittsburgh– everything is changing.

In such a state of flux, visibility is low. You can’t tell exactly what lies ahead.

My job starts next week. The benefits are exquisite. Nine weeks paid vacation a year, housing paid for, relocation allowance because I’m an “overseas” hire, two round-trip airfares back the States once a year, tax-free salary, etc. I am excited about working (and having an income) again, but also feeling the typical “new job” nervousness. They’ll put us up in a hotel for theΒ  first week or two while they find our new home– then we can move in. We don’t know what to expect. Will I like the job? My co-workers? Will we like the place they find for us? Will we like Fujairah? Though it looks like stability is coming, there is still so much “up in the air.” And though living with instability is hard, the scary thing about letting things settle is that you may not like the way it all comes to rest.

So, the forecast is continued dusty and “kicked-up” for at least another month. I never was one that wanted the settled, white-picket fence suburb life– however, I’m craving some stability at this point.

There’s something to be said for letting the dust settle– fall where it may– just fall.

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6 Comments on “Hazy with Low Visibility”

  1. Jeanna Mahr Says:

    Wow, it sounds like your job is going to be awesome and very stable!!! What a great benefits package! I wish more people in the states had more opportunites like that. My friends from Iran told me that their families are living very well right now because the dollar is so weak. It always amazes me how others in the world function and how different things can be just on the other side of the ocean. I hope you enjoy this time and soak up as many “little” things that you can – take lots of pictures – the memories will last longer. I kept a journal of our time in St. Maarten and I am so glad I did – there are such small things that happened that I forgot about and reading them now to my children are wonderful. Something I treasure.

  2. tricker Says:

    congrats on the new job and the exquisite benefits package. that sounds great. though you crave stability, you are inspiring me to kick up some dust in my life. 4 years of life in the same veal fattening pen (aka, cubicle) leaves a little to be desired as well.

    the air quality/visibility you describe reminds me of the air in New Delhi in the winter, though not caused by dust. on that note, my wife and I are heading back to India in January for a wedding. I can’t wait!

    we were back in Fred. this weekend for a whirlwind visit. the locusts are loud and the corn is tall. though you are much farther away, i too get a homesick feeling when i go back there. it seems like a world away though i am only a few hours north.

    • boehadden Says:

      thanks tricker!

      If you want to come via Dubai on your way to India this January…you have a free place to stay!…just let me know the dates…my folks are visiting in Jan., too πŸ™‚

  3. Pop Says:

    When the dust settles, if you don’t like it brush it around into new piles. πŸ™‚

    At least you will have income and a little independence while you look for a new dust pile if the current one proves disatisfactory….and the economy may pick up in the meantime.

    Love you buddy.

  4. bryan Says:

    Hey – sounds like some good stuff in the future. Best of luck to you and the wife. Ultimately it sounds like there’s more stability than you had when looking for a job, so the movement is in the right direction!!

  5. Carrie Says:

    interesting isn’t it. i’m just waiting for our dust to move…at all. our visibility is crystal clear, but it seems there is something blocking way forward. we know exactly what we want and we’re ready to have our own lives “up in the air”, we just can’t make it happen, only the Divine can sell our home!

    And you of course, will be fantastic and I can’t image everyone not loving you (and your lovely bride!).

    A toast to new life and butterflies in your stomach. πŸ™‚

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