Sandstorms and Dates

Here in Dubai it’s hot. Hotter than hot– and humid.

The modus operandi in the summer here is to stay indoors with A/C as much as possible. And avoid going out for errands and such during the middle of the day: wait until the evening when it’s down to around 97 degrees and humid. Summer here is like winter in the States: stay indoors as much as possible.

However, my sister-in-law and her family are moving to a bigger villa across the street. As a result, my parents-in-law are moving back into the two-bedroom villa where my wife and I are staying. Though we’ve had the help of some hired movers, much of the moving has been done by all of us. So most days have been sweaty, hot, and very sticky.

One highlight is that my sister-in-law’s new place has a date palm tree. On a date palm, the dates cluster toward the top, making it hard for the average Joe to harvest. At this time, the tree in their yard is heavy with dates.

I experienced my first sandstorm the other day! I took our dog out to use the bathroom when I noticed that the winds picked up and it looked foggy outside. However, if you looked straight up at the sky, you can see some blue of the sky peeking through. As you let your eyes then slowly drop toward the horizon a reddish-tan tinge of sand appears, showing that what looks like fog on the ground is really sand being kicked up by the winds. Also, when a burst of wind comes through you can feel the sand hit your face and get in your eyes. It was very beautiful in a dreary sort of way.

As a result of the strong winds of the sandstorm, the next day we found that many of the dates from the palm tree had been blown to the ground. My brother-in-law collected and washed the ripe ones and for first time I got to eat fresh dates, right from the tree. I have never been a big fan of dates– that is, until I had fresh ones! It was a wonderful sweet snack in the midst of a hot, humid moving day.

So, as I get ready to start my new job in Fujairah at the beginning of August, I am still thankful for so many of the things that I am experiencing here in this part of the world– my new home.

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One Comment on “Sandstorms and Dates”

  1. Jeanna Mahr Says:

    That is awesome Erik!! I loved the “eye” of the hurricane, like the sandstorm, the sky is the most amazing thing ever. It is a mix of reds and yellows – simply beautiful but you have to be careful because it means that the hardest portion of the storm is headed your way= I guess that is where the term the calm before the storm…everything is strangely quite and calm until the south winds come as the “eye’ passes over… I am so glad you are experiencing such new things… Just remember to enjoy them while you can and soak up as much of the culture as you can. The memories will be the best ones you will probably ever have! I loved our time in the islands.

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