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  1. Chris Cole Says:

    My option would be option 3, which is option 2 with a slight word change, instead of saying “blacks are unable or unwilling” I would say, “blacks are unable and/or unwilling”. Basically saying that both are an equal factor used by both sides of the issue.

    I also think that race will never not be an issue, it will always be used by one group or another when it is convenient for them. A radical example for this would be when Michael Jackson died, Jesse Jackson made the the claim that the doctors had every chance to save his life, but didn’t do everything they could because he was a black man at a white hospital. Which is a ridiculous accusation considering all the efforts and time, over an hour, they spent attempting to revive him. A less extreme example would be something a pre-employment questionnaire that asks race. If race is not an issue than why are we asked it before anyone even reviews an individuals qualifications? It is so that if anyone were to question them on their hiring of any racial group they can pull out a sheet which simply says what percentage each group makes up in their company. So, this means that the best candidate does not always get the job.

    Also, I find it extremely frustrating that I am told by society that I should feel guilty for 400 years of oppression and slavery. I don’t feel this way because I think it wasn’t a big deal, I feel this way because none, not one, of my ancestors kidnapped, sold or traded slaves. As a matter of fact, my family has always stood up and fought against such tyranny, in both America and around the world. So, yes, I get very angry when I am told I am the problem and I owe something in return for sins of others.

    There is even a double standard when it comes to the current adminisatraion. If any other adminisatraion would have even suggested the things Obama has done, they would have been shut down in a second, and actually it has happened. Harry S. Truman, in my opinion the last good president we have had in this country, suggested the socialization of US Healthcare, but because it goes against the freedom this country was founded on, America shut him down. He is also attempting to rewrite the constitution; already cancelling the 10th amendment (the sovereignty of a state), attacking the 2nd amendment saying we shouldn’t have fire arms because it supports the drug cartel in Mexico… on a side note the numbers he found were skewed to support his views, saying that 95% of the guns come from America, what he doesn’t tell you is that America also means Canada and all the South American Countries, The US is actually responsible for more like 5-10%. He is also going against the 1st amendment, but you hear very little about this because he only wants to shut up the people who disagree with him and his political regime. Saying that these people are anti-American and putting them on a list of potential terrorists, this list includes; American Veterans of Foreign Wars (my father a Vietnam Vet), Pro-Life and anyone else who tends to lean more to the right; these people have been put higher on the list than Bin Laden. And lastly his socialization of everything he can get his hands on including US car manufacturors. My point is not that I disagree with with the administration with every move they make, though I do, it is that if any other president ever would have tried any of this crap he would have been stopped immediately, but America wants him to succeed because he is black and we want the rest of the world to know we are not about race.

    To make a decision based off of race, whether it be hiring someone because you are a racist bigot or doing so because you are trying to do something “new” is not a good policy. People should be hired/elected based off of qualifications period. I would also like to point out that race is not the only way this happens, religion and creed are also a factor.

  2. boehadden Says:

    Thanks for the input!

    To clarify, I did not say anyone should feel guilt about 400 years of oppression. However, if the results of 400 years of oppression put one race in a position of power and privilege over another, the race with power and privilege (no matter their history) has an obligation to work to empower the other race. That’s what I mean…

    Again, thanks for your thoughts!

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