Into Every Life…

We have all heard the axiom, “Into every life, a little rain must fall.”

In the States this means that we must all go through some hard times. Rain is thought of as dreary and depressing.

Since we have arrived in Dubai it has rained a number of times. The day we left Maryland it was raining. When we arrived in Dubai it was raining, and had been raining for four days. In fact, there’s talk of records being broken. Two weeks ago they were shutting schools down– yes, because of rain! It is raining again today.

Dubai is a desert. Rain, usually, is very unusual. Rain is considered a huge blessing and a rare joy.

“Into every life…”

The axiom still works. The meaning, however, is totally changed.

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One Comment on “Into Every Life…”

  1. Charlanne Says:

    That is a very fascinating twist on that saying…I like it…the satirical/serious blogger Peter and I found on noted how many “Christian” songs there are about rain. And while it can be cheesey, there is something to it that I don’t think rain always has to be depressing but can be healing…

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