A Day in Dubai

One of the great joys of these first few days in Dubai is spending time with family…especially my nieces aged 7 and 3 1/2. We’re living with family; four adults, two children and a dog all crammed into a two-bedroom apartment.

Today, my wife and I, sister-in-law and nieces all went out for South Indian breakfast this morning. We ate our fill ofPuri Aloo.  One of my favorites. We then went to pick up my mother-in-law (the nieces’ grandmother) and went to the mall. We had a blast with the children. The afternoon found my wife and I back home napping very deeply (jetlag is kicking our butts!).

We awoke and decided to go for a walk through the neighborhood in which we are living now. It is like a suburb of the city of Dubai. A quiet area populated mostly by local Arabs, who are a minority in this Emirate (making up only about 15-20% of the population). People were very interested in Saaya, our miniature Schnauzer who was walking with us. It is not common for people to own dogs and walk them here. There was a lot of staring and children barking at her but not daring to come close.

The temperature must have been around a very pleasant 70 degrees and it was wonderful to walk around such a nice community, seeing families out, children playing  and neighbors chatting. At the very end of our long walk the call to prayer began. The echo of numerous mosques bouncing of the buildings as the faithful cluster toward the entrances.

Though my faith views differ very much from Islam, it is so heartwarming to see a community come together to pray. Faith is such an open part of life here, relegated not to the list of topics never to be discussed (like religion and politics in the USA) but so much entwined in family and community that it cannot be ignored or written off as private.

My nieces just came in to kiss us goodnight. Family. Community. Living together, sharing our lives. Private, of course, has its place. It can, however, be taken too far.

Today was wonderfully not private.

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4 Comments on “A Day in Dubai”

  1. Christopher Mathewson Says:

    I love reading this bro! Lisa and I went through the jetlag thing when we spent last summer in Israel and Palestine.
    I had a similar experience watching sisters and brothers of the Islam faith answer their evening call to prayer each day… it is powerful to see that level of devotion to one’s beliefs… something the Western world has lost entirely.

    I will check in from time to time… especially as you get lonely for old friends:)

    Love ya man!

  2. Becky Says:

    So great to read about your new adventure here, Eric. And its so great to see you taking the time to listen to what God is teaching you, even in the small and seemingly insignificant. You and your family are in my prayers.

  3. Julie Melton Says:

    Wow–so glad you are there safely and transitioning into a new life. It sounds amazing and wonderful Love to Raina!

  4. Tracey Kaplan Says:

    I’m enjoying reading your blog. Keep it up! I love the part about the children barking at Saaya.

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