48 Hours in Dubai

I am now nearing 48 hours of our “adventure” in Dubai. My wife and I decided last year to move to this small Emirate on the Persian Gulf. She grew up here. Her family is here. This is her home.

Dubai is an amazing place to visit. It is a swirling mix where the East, Middle East and West all meet. The results are often beautiful, sometimes frustrating. However, this time I am not visiting. I arrive to my new home.

Traveling the world is one of my great joys. I love being plopped right into a new culture. Sightseeing is not nearly as interesting to me as hanging out where the locals hang out, interacting with people whose life experiences vary so much from my own. My theory is that exploring and negotiating a new culture is like getting to relive our childhood; when everything is new and needs to be learned and investigated. Not only food and transportation, but language (both verbal and non-verbal) is new in an exciting, child-like way. I love it.

This trip is different, however. The emotional, relational and financial stress it takes to move over 7,000 miles away has taken its toll. My wife and I sit jetlagged, enjoying family. We decided to take this week “off” to rest, recuperate and regroup. However, still questions nag: What does the future hold? Will I find work? Will I like the work? How will I adjust to this new culture? Will I adjust to this new culture? What if this “adventure” is actually a suspense novel that ends badly?

A few days ago, when we left Maryland, driving to the airport to bring us here, we saw a rainbow. Probably the brightest one I have ever seen. And we saw all of it, the whole semi-circle, launching up off the ground bursting into the air, long-arching over spring-ready fields to land softly again back to earth far from where it started. We took it as a sign. God’s promise. Not that He necessarily is promising that everything will work out the way we want; or, at all, for that matter. But a promise that no matter what happens, He is with us and loves us.

What greater adventure could we ask for?

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2 Comments on “48 Hours in Dubai”

  1. Charlanne Says:

    Well said, friend.

  2. M.E. Says:

    I saw that same rainbow!!! Seriously! Brightest, most complete of my life’s experience as well. God is so creative and provident.

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